Manuscript Content Editing

What is Content Editing?

Please note: I am not accepting clients for content editing at this time unless it is an extreme emergency. Please contact me using the form above if you’d like to inquire. In the meantime, be sure to check out my copyediting and proofreading services for your manuscript!

Content editing is the biggest, most time-consuming stage of the editorial process. It is usually done first, before any copyediting or proofreading takes place. When content editing, I make significant changes to a manuscript, such as rewriting and reorganizing the words to take them to that next level, from draft to a more professional, completed project in order to make sure the book has the best, most cohesive narrative it can have.

How Does Content Editing Work?

There are multiple stages to the way I content edit.

Stage One: This is the very first pass through the manuscript. I read the book, with an eye toward examining the story structure, character arc, pacing, etc. in order to make improvements from a broad, high-level perspective. Once I have completed this stage, I send back the manuscript along with an editorial letter detailing what I’ve found and suggested improvements to the manuscript. Once the author has completed implementing any improvements to the manuscript that they desire, they send it back to me and we move on to stage two.

Stage Two: This is the stage in which I go through the manuscript for a second time. During this pass-through, I look at the manuscript at the sentence level, correcting grammar, word usage, sentence structure, and more, paying special attention to awkward phrasings, overused words, unnecessary clichés, repetitiveness, and anything else that may catch my attention. This is, in essence, a line edit. Once I have completed this stage, I send the manuscript back to the author for their approval. Once they have accepted or rejected any changes as they feel necessary, they send the manuscript back to me for the final stage.

Stage Three: Stage three is a final read-through of the manuscript, looking for any stray errors that may have been missed in the first two stages. This stage tends to go pretty quickly, and once it is completed, the final manuscript is sent back to the author.

If the author desires any additional read-throughs of the manuscript for stray errors after stage three has been completed, there will be an additional fee charged at the rate of my proofreading fees.

What Types of Books Do I Content Edit?

I will content edit any book that can be fit into my schedule. I enjoy editing of all types, as it gives me a chance to work with a client to take their manuscript to the next level while also maintaining the author’s voice and writing style. I will (and have) edited projects in both fiction and nonfiction categories in an assortment of genres, including romance (and its many subgenres), horror, science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, speculative fiction, thrillers, suspense, cozy mysteries, memoirs, self help, history, and more.

How Much Do I Charge for Content Editing?

Content editing tends to be more expensive than proofreading and copyediting, because it requires much more work than the two lower levels of editing.

Please visit this page for information on how much I charge for this service.

How Long Does It Take For Me to Content Edit a Project?

This can vary pretty wildly. An individual schedule based on author and editor availability is worked out at the start of the project, with mutually agreed-upon deadlines set for each stage, along with a goal completion date. This is fully adjustable based on client needs.

How Do I Accept Payment?

Please see this page for updated policies regarding deposits, payments, and late fees.

How Do Clients Reserve a Spot on My Schedule for Content Editing?

Simply fill out the form on the contact page, and I will be in touch with you via email ASAP to get everything set up!