About Jessica

Jessica Meigs is a published author and a freelance editor who has been working in the publishing business for eight years. In the years since she began freelance proofreading for an assortment of independent authors, Jessica has amassed a sizable collection of clients, ranging from independent authors to traditionally published authors and mid-sized publishers in a wide variety of genres.

Jessica has proofread, copyedited, and edited numerous genres, including horror, speculative fiction, post-apocalyptic science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, romance, suspense, thrillers, cozy mysteries, nonfiction political commentary, nonfiction history, nonfiction self-help, and more.

She has experience working with many different style guides, including publisher-specific guides, client-specific guides, and the traditional fiction and nonfiction guides, such as the Modern Language Association style guide, the Chicago Manual of Style, the AP Stylebook, and more.

If you are interested in Jessica’s editorial services, please click the Contact link above and fill out the form. You will receive a response via email within twenty-four hours.