Book List (Back Catalogue)

On this page, you can find images of the books I have been involved with in some way, shape, or form, whether it was content editing, copyediting, or proofreading. Each of these images are clickable to Amazon so you can check them out if you so desire!

The books on this page are from 2019 through 2017. Books newer than 2019 may be found by clicking HERE. Please note this is not a comprehensive list; I have been copyediting and proofreading since late 2010, and to include every book I’ve ever worked on would be overwhelming!

Books are listed in reverse-chronological order. The books listed at the very end of the page are the oldest projects, and the books at the beginning are newer.

Rachel, Out of Office Dare to Be a Duchess Covet Chasing the Widowmaker Reign of Night Nightshade's Bite The Warrior King Carrier Wave Tilly Tracks a Thief Just One Kiss The Things We Leave Unfinished The Poet Write Before Christmas Her Wicked Marquess Claiming the Doctor's Heart In the Penalty Box Snowed In with the Firefighter Just a Little Bet The Pillars Rodeo Romeo Unmasking Manipulation Finding His Potential Speak Well and Prosper The Ghost Files Finding His Purpose World Serpent Arcanist Magical Storm Wake Up, You're Having Another Nightmare Finding His Pack The Call Debt of Blood Hell and Back One-Star Review The Badlands Mill Pond Burning Ash From the Grit Comes a Pearl Crown of Bones The Afterlife of the Party Crush The Dating Itinerary Bayou Reckoning Follow Me Darkly The Roommate Problem Queen of Night Zone of Action The Reality of Everything Dating Makes Perfect Her Aussie Holiday Mrs. O'Malley's Midnight Mystery Forever Your Touch The Players Game The Healing Touch The Sinner's Touch Tongass The Steel Rites Pirate's Persuasion The Rogue's ParadoxPlague ArcanistCurse of NightWrong Bed, Right BrotherSmall Town, Big SecretsTouch Me NotHome Sweet WitchThe Bliss DripLethal RemediesFlatlineDandy's DiscoveryHow to Quit Your CrushAlways a BridesmaidIf I Die Before I Wake, Vol. 2Merry and BrightWild LoveSteel RoseA Whole Lotta TroubleArctic BiteThe Lost TombFall of AngelsTen KingdomsNot According to PlanThe Anti-HoneymoonThe Girl in the GameSadisticFury UnleashedWisconsin WerewolfBayou RevelationsRuling the PrincessColiseum ArcanistTranscendentCraveCowboy for HireBlood of Angels

The Blood KingWrong Bed, Right ManKeep Me WantingInsomniumMalfunctionThe Two-Date RuleShadow of AngelsColiseum ArcanistThe Royal TreatmentA Valentine ProposalThe Viking's CaptiveHis Reason to StayBetrothed to Jack Frost Part 2Meant to Be FamilyThe Princess ProblemSeduced by the SoldierBoss Undercover Part 3My Darling DukeCassiusMagical ThreatsA Company of MonstersThe Love PlaybookLightbound SerenadeParadoxDark N DeadlyHow to Capture a DukeAdorkableBetrothed to Jack Frost Part 1Burning RoadThe Firefigher's CinderellaThe Arcav King's ObsessionReforming the CEOPushing His LuckEdge of the VeilThe Bookworm CrushIf I FellLost YearsJust Breathe AgainMagical MysteriesThe Arcav King's MateThe Trouble With ChristmasMagical SecretsQueen of AllThe Aussie Next DoorMirror BoundTaking RootMeant to Be DifferentThe Kissing ContractThe Stolen PapyrusKing of NoneThe Truth About CowboysPlaying JasperChasing PaigeSteel CoyoteHow to Lose a FianceDirty DamselsThe Wrong Mr. RightRobbyThe Mafia and His Obsession Part 2Covering All the BasesPossessed by YouKing of BloodHis First LadyMae's CafeBlood Sucking LawyerCase Two: The KeptEasy LoveBlood and VowsTrue NorthForever With YouFuryLethalThe Starless GirlCharit CreekQueen of DreamsTrust in LoveMy Best Friend's ExCaptivateCarnival of Strange ThingsYesterday is OursDon't Let GoBought for ProtectionUnder the ScrubsRed: Fiery FinaleNoahBlood and LiesThe Madness of Miss GreySea of ScarsMen in Uniform AnthologyCade's ReturnKing of ShadowsFinding CadeKissing MickyFlawedForgotten LoveAin't Nothin' but the DevilScholarly PursuitsKing of FlamesKaneWicked Dirty GamesRough and ReadyRed: Burning DesireUnlikely FriendsCase One: The DeceitBrickAt the Wrong TimeDallasDeliver UsMeant to Be KeptCaughtI'll Be DamnedGetting Over HimSide HustleFaking ItPieces of MeAnything OnceGrey: EverlastingThat was YesterdayThe Wrong Side of UsClaytonThe Standby GuyGetting SchooledBoss Undercover 2How to Blackmail a HighlanderMistletoe in MayhemGrey: New BeginningsDoctor Holy HotnessSeanJust PretendingMuffin TopConsumed by YouWhiskey RenegadeCaptivating the EarlA Christmas Miracle for the DoctorThe Millionaire's Revenge ContractCaptive DesireGrey: The ReconnectionThe Sheriff's Little MatchmakerAfter AlwaysYesterday is GoneSurvival and RevengeHard and FastBent on the WheelGrey: The RetributionDark WaterThree Way SplitBoss Undercover 1Love and Other SecretsArks of AmericaTaking a ShotEmilia Part 2Emilia Part 1Carnival of NightmaresHer Alpha VikingSliding HomeCowboys Need Not ApplyTruth and ConsequencesGrey: The InfatuationMischief and MayhemHighland TemptationTrickHow to Fall for the Wrong ManThe Mafia and His Obsession: Part 1Dandy DeliversGrey: The EncounterWarranted DesiresJust One of the RoyalsLies & SecretsJagCraving: One NightBuilding a Million Dollar Side HustleThe 30 Most Influential People of WWIIMaybe Someone Like YouTrue StormYou're Already a Wealth HeiressWhiskey and YouCarnival of FearWhite Collar WarriorCraving: LoyaltyBlood and RosesPlaying HouseThe Big Bad WolfCruzThe SchemerCinderella and the GeekIndie and the Brother's Best FriendThe Will to SurviveThe Devilish DukeKathleen Catches a KillerCraving: CountryHis Outback NannyLies That BindWhen It Was UsLet It Be MeMafia and His Angel 3Mafia and His Angel 2Fallen HalosWicked Times TwoRuin of the GodsBailey and the Bad BoyThe Witches of VilleneuveMafia and His Angel 1Craving: ChristmasNailed ItCraving: SecurityThrough Ddaera's TouchUnder Two MoonsWicked SeductionThe Rogue's GalaxyBoomerang BoyfriendOnce Upon an Apocalypse 3Night TerrorsCraving: SecretsEvil Vein 3Unexpected LoveCraving: SoldiersSeducing His True LoveWicked TakeoverDamned Either WayChance SeductionCleaner of BonesOmegaThe Royal MistakeLost in DeceptionThe Red LilyThe Irish PrinceBlood of the GodsLove on TapShades of the GodsThe Royal PainMermaids and Mayhem